With more than 160 employees, we’re one of the largest CRM vendors in the Nordics and was appointed market leaders in Sweden last year.  Our six offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark ensures that we’re always close to our customers. And even if you’re far away, don’t worry – we’ll come and find you. The record for one of our sales people is 1620 km in 2 days. So challenge us!

We develop, sell, implement and support everything ourselves and will stay by your side throughout your CRM journey. One could say that we’re a one-stop-shop for CRM. For 25 years we’ve helped more than 5500 companies to achieve better results with user-friendly CRM systems. Nonetheless, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, we often say that the only thing we take seriously is our customers.

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Get the marketer-help to increase your sales that you need and afford:
Sonician helps you sell more, by getting more qualified leads through Marketing Automation which includes Lead Capturing, Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring.

It will most often mean that you will be able to get leads at only the cost of tens or hundreds while also being able to handle more leads in an automated way if you wouldn’t be able to deal with all manually directly until you know they are ”lower hanging fruit” for you.

We do it through our Marketing Automation system Otto, and our Rent-a-Marketer service.

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With the online platform Bizwell you can reach your potential customers through both social media, online and offline marketing. It’s a cost efficient way to boost sales.





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